Matte Eyeshadow - Why You Need it In Your Makeup Bag

Posted by Sarah N on Oct 25th 2016

Matte Eyeshadow has multiple uses that you may have never thought about. Take our medium brown shade of matte eyeshadow called "Naughty" , in the photo to the left.  It's the perfect brown for ey … read more

Manuka Honey - 3 Amazing Benefits to Your Body

Posted by Sarah N. on Oct 25th 2016

So I just heard about this amazing manuka honey. I thought all honey was the same, but apparently since this New Zealand honey is made from the Manuka bush, it has special properties that all honey do … read more

Save Money on Hair Color Touch Ups

Posted by Lorraine on Sep 28th 2016

You Can Touch Up Your Roots at HomeNo need to pay out the nose every month for a salon touch up. It's so easy to do it yourself at home. I literally save hundreds of dollars a year using this met … read more

Fabric in a Spray Can = Fabrican

Posted by Fabrican Ltd. on Sep 23rd 2016

Fabrican is the creator of © Spray-on fabric Fabrican created and patented instant, © sprayable, non-woven © Spray-on fabric. Based in London, at the London Bioscience Innovation Centre, Fabrican te … read more
How to Find the Best Price on Amazon

How to Find the Best Price on Amazon

Posted by Lorraine on Sep 22nd 2016

So you think Amazon Prime is the best way to get the best prices on Amazon? Say HELLO to Honey, a Google Chrome plugin that immediately finds you the best AT CHECKOUT price for what you're s … read more