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80's Makeup

So your'e going to a party and looking for ways to do 80s makeup? Well you came to the right place.

I graduated high school in 1982, and then went to cosmetology school. So I know a bit about the 80s makeup AND hair styles! ( I actually modeled in a hair/makeup show...ha ha) My hairstyle was pretty much exactly like this, but tri-color..light red in front to darkest in back.

80s makeup and popular hair style

Back to the 80's makeup.

Lets begin..first thing I remember is everyone at some point tried to look good with blue eyshadow on. Now we didn't have the beautiful iridescent blue shadows of today. We had ugly blue.

Just have a lookie at these side by side beauties. One from 1982 and the other from 2011.

Now ya get what I'm saying?

80s makeup compared to 2011 makeup

Note the flat, chalky...okay HIDEOUS blue eyeshadow on this otherwise really cute lil blonde...why oh why did we think that looked good?

Now note the deep blue, irridescent looking shadow on the girl on the right. It's stunning...while I think it's still a little too much on her...as in too big of an area covered in blue, the color has definitely come a VERY long way!

FAKE 80's Looks Online

I see all these stunning, yet fake, 80's looks online with bright beautiful eyeshadows and artistic flair from a makeup artist....

But this is reality folks...

We had eyeliner (lots of it), Red lipstick, and the hair...don't forget the hair! 

So lets dig up some more of the everyday girl 80s makeup looks shall we?

Here's a girl that tried her best, bless her heart. This I believe was an attempted Farrah Fawcett look.

So speaking of Farrah...oh yeah...freaking EVERYBODY at my Junior high had hair cuts like Farrah. We called them "wings"...the brushed back part of the side of the hair.

She's just gorgeous, no matter what her hair or makeup looked like! 

Heck...I still think her hair style is pretty, and I'd totally rock that look if I didn't have super curly hair like Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing

Everyone that came of age in the 80's, of course, remembers the curly locks and innocent good looks of Jennifer Grey (hey I loved her...I have poofey curly hair like that and I could identify with this chick....I could so NOT do the Farrah Fawcett look)

And yes Sheena Easton was our hero too...her short hair and dramatic 80s makeup just made us want to spend hours in front of the mirror. So we could look like this:

Really...she did kinda good job replicating Sheena Easton

Check out this look sported by Joan Collins. Yes folks...glamorous, puffy hair was ours to strive for. We just knew that if we could tease it and spray it enough we could ALL look this glamorous!

Well maybe not....

Some of us just needed to comb that mess out and put it in a pony tail.

Ahhh the joy and simplicity of a ponytail. Wait...hold up...in the 80s we could bastardize any makeup or hairstyle.

The 80s pony tail look:

Oh yes she did...and posed for her school picture too!

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