Blue Eyeshadow that Actually Looks Good!

So you want to try wearing blue eyeshadow? 

When you think of everyday eyeshadows, you probably go for neutrals in pink, browns, taupes or mauves. I doubt you'd think that blue could be an everyday eyeshadow, but you may be surprised. 

I'd bet my house that there is a blue eyeshadow for Every skin tone and Every eye color! 

Wait wait...hear me out, "blue" can be indigo, navy, icy, tealish, baby, royal, etc...

I tend to like a stronger pop of color for someone who has dark hair and eyes with olive skin. For lighter hair colors and fairer skin tones, I like to use more of a 70s-style pale blue or green depending on their individual coloring.

Here's some blue eyeshadow looks. Perhaps one is a look for you! 

1. Blue with Brown

blue eyeshadow

A simple but stunning blue eyeshadow. Start with covering the full lid with a medium blue/teal shimmer eyeshadow. Fill the middle lid and outer lid with a medium brown, add a highlight neutral shade under the brows. Ta Da! You have a glam look with some simple color. 


2. Disco Cat Eyes with Blue Eyeshadow

disco blue eyeshadow look

The overdrawn cat eye is stunning on its own,  but the addition of that glittery blue eyeshadow sets an out of this world, night on the town look! 

3. Icy Blue on Fair Skin

icy blue eyeshadow look

 Why yes, fair skinned gals can wear blue eyeshadow too! This icy blue swath of color on her lower lids is just enough to accentuate her natural baby blues. 


4. Aqua Blue is Swimmingly Cool

aqua blue eyeshadow

This young and hip lady is rockin aqua blue eyeshadow with a navy and cobalt blue shirt! And she looks amazing. Her eyes are nearly the same shade of aqua, so yeah..theres that. 

5. Mermaid Blue with Pink

mermaid blue eyeshadow look

Blue along the upper lids with pinks and browns...ahh a beautiful mermaid look for sure. 





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