Homemade Pill Pockets for Dogs

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Here's the recipe..right at the top of my blog post, so you don't have to scroll and scroll looking for it! (I'm nice like that)

    • tablespoon water 
    • tablespoon creamy peanut butter
    • tablespoons flour (I use gluten free quinoa flour)
  1. In a small bowl, combine the water, peanut butter and flour.
  2. Mix until completely combined.
  3. Once most of the flour is damp, it's easiest to finish it by kneading in your hands.
  4. Divide the dough into 12 small balls or just leave it in a big ball and pull off some as needed. 
  5. Push a hole into each ball. I found using the end of a wooden spoon the easiest thing for making the hole. 
  6. Store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.
  7. Enjoy saving a ton of money vs store bought Pill Pockets! 

This is our Bella girl...a rescue we adopted last summer. She is just a DOLL...love her so much. But she came with some problems...she's prone to pancreatitis, has allergies, some 'getting older' joint issues, and had a cancerous spot removed. So she's on some maintenance meds.

Shoving pills down her throat is not pleasant for us or her, and she finds the pills in bread balls and promptly spits them out! So.. best solution was Pill Pockets and boy does she like them! But they are pricey and have some questionable ingredients. So I found a recipe and altered it a bit today. 

I sent my dogs to boarding this past Thursday with a full bag of pill pockets. Bella should have used about 9 of them. Today, Monday, I picked her up and got her home and NO PILL POCKETS in her bag. Ugghhh do they not realize these things cost an arm and a leg? 

So off to the store I ran to get another expensive bag of pill pockets. $8 for 30 pockets and she takes 3 pills a day. So thats 10 days worth of pill pockets. $24 for a months worth! Ouch...I love my doggies to the moon and back, and certainly don't mind paying for good quality food and vet care, but these pill pockets seemed so overpriced to me! 

So I hunted for a recipe. Found one similar to this, but it had regular flour and milk. I don't want to worry about the milk expiring, and I don't want to give regular flour to my dog. Hence I came up with this recipe. 

It's great! Both of my dogs love it and see it as a treat. And it gets their meds down with no issues :) 

If you try the recipe..let me know how it works for you and your pooch. 

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