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How to Find the Best Price on Amazon

So you think Amazon Prime is the best way to get the best prices on Amazon? 

Say HELLO to Honey, a Google Chrome plugin that immediately finds you the best AT CHECKOUT price for what you're shopping for on


Have you ever thought you had the best price and then realize it’s $20 more at checkout after sales tax and shipping? Honey brings the best final prices to the forefront after automatically comparing every top-rated seller in the Amazon marketplace (so you know those poorly-rated sellers are filtered out).

Honey will also let you know if you can save a bit by changing your default shipping method. 

Honey works like this: 

Shop on Amazon as usual. If Honey finds a better deal, a little tag will appear showing you how much you could save by buying the same item from a different seller. 

Honey takes into account the final price of the item (including sales tax and shipping), seller rating, delivery time, and Prime status–– so I can still get my Prime deals.

If you want the better price, just click on the orange "honey" button (red arrow pointing to it in above image). 

A bigger image will pop up, and you can click "Add to Cart" right away! 

Honey will also find coupons for you automatically.

And if you've already found the best price for an item, Honey will let you know that too! No guessing anymore. No spending more money than needed for the same items on Amazon.

Even if you are just shopping for day to day in expensive household items, the pennies and dollars do add up over the years. 

And the best part? It’s free. You can get Honey on your browser HERE.

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