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Manuka Honey - 3 Amazing Benefits to Your Body

So I just heard about this amazing manuka honey. I thought all honey was the same, but apparently since this New Zealand honey is made from the Manuka bush, it has special properties that all honey doesn't possess. 

Back in the 1980s, Professor Peter Molan at Waikato University in New Zealand noticed that the local Manuka honey appeared to have more antibacterial properties than other honey, so he started looking at it more closely. What he found out is that Manuka honey is very high in something called methylglyoxal, one of the main compounds for it's super anti-bacterial properties. 

The research done by Professor Molan and others has shown that  active Manuka honey can effectively stop the growth of almost all known human pathogens, including antibiotic resistant types. This is a pretty big deal, considering the bacteria don't become resistant to Manuka honey over time. Even if you don't care about it's healing properties you can include this amazing honey in your day to day health and wellness routine.  When looking for a Manuka honey to purchase, make sure you see a UMF rating or logo—it guarantees a pure, unadulterated product. Manuka honey is quite pricey, as the bees have to visit about 4 million flowers to make each kilogram of Manuka honey, so be sure to use it sparingly.

Here are some ways to use this incredible healer in your home:

Skin Care

  • Use a bit to wash your face once a week. Apply to damp skin and massage in. Remove with a damp wash cloth
  • To use it as a wash and mask. Leave it on for about 15 minutes, then rinse off. 
  • Apply it to dry, cracked lips at night. An amazing magic wand is to have some tea tree oil on one end of a q-tip and some Manuka honey on the other end. First apply the tea tree oil, then follow with the Manuka honey. Don't lick it off! 

First Aid

  • Lukewarm water with some Manuka honey can be really soothing to a sore throat.  Gargle for 60 seconds and swallow, and do not eat or drink for 20 minutes afterward.
  • Two teaspoons of Manuka honey at bedtime can help suppress a cough overnight. Note: Do not give raw honey to children under 1 year of age.
  • If you have heartburn, try drinking a tea made from fresh ginger root and Manuka honey—wait for it to be lukewarm, and drink an hour before bedtime every night.
  • Apply a thin layer of Manuka honey to cuts, scrapes, or superficial burns, and cover with a clean Band-Aid. Repeat one to two times per day until healed.

Oral Health

  • Because Manuka honey is antibacterial and can penetrate biofilms, try using Manuka honey with a bit of warm water as a mouthwash to improve your dental health, especially if you have periodontal disease.
  • Last note: Be sure you're buying all of your honey from responsible suppliers who care about the health of the bees! Colony collapse is a frightening problem, and we need to do all we can to protect them and their critical work in the world.

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