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Matte Eyeshadow - Why You Need it In Your Makeup Bag

Matte Eyeshadow has multiple uses that you may have never thought about. Take our medium brown shade of matte eyeshadow called "Naughty" , in this first photo.  It's the perfect brown for eyeshadow, plus it makes a great eyeliner that can be applied dry or wet. Want it to stay put even longer? Wet your eyeliner brush with Visine and dip in in the matte eyeshadow. It will make the color POP and add longevity. 

Didn't bring your eyebrow pencil? Just brush in some of your "Naughty" brown matte eyeshadow and your brows will look amazing. Many makeup artists use damp matte eyeshadow to sketch in brows where they are sparse. 

Did you know that some matte eyeshadow can also be used as matte lip color? Yup, just dip your lip balm into the loose matte eyeshadow and apply to your lips for an original lip tint. 

Only problem is, matte eyeshadow can be VERY difficult to find in retails stores. And when you do find it, it's usually pressed and  in a palette along with a zillion other colors that you really didn't want. And you can't dip lip balm in pressed matte eyeshadow! 

LA Minerals to the rescue! Get JUST the colors YOU want. Our full size matte eyeshadow pots will last you such a long time. We also have our eyeshadow in sample pods so you can try out all the colors you want for a very reasonable cost. The sample amount is enough to last you at least 5 applications. 

Check out the LA Minerals matte eyeshadows applied to the models eye below. Just click on the pic to be taken to the product. 



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