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Mica Uses - Soaps, Bath Bombs, Nail Polish, Slime and so much More


Our colored MICA POWDERS provide a wide range of pre-blended colors for formulators and home crafters. They are especially made for eyeshadows, blushes and and lip products. Other applications include clear soaps, nail polish, body powder, paints, resin, glass, polymer clay and much more!

For the most part they contain mica, iron oxides and titanium dioxide. Some contain just mica and iron oxide others may contain chromium green or ultramarines. Make sure the color you select may be used for the application you want. For example many of the blues and greens may not be used on the lips.  Ingredients and applications are listed for mica we carry. 

  • MOST COSMETIC GRADE MICA POWDER is safe for Eyes, Lips and Skin-safe, The Non-toxic Mica Powder can also be used for Lip Gloss, DIY Lip Balm, Soap Colorant, Bath Bomb Colorant, DIY Makeup and Nail Pigment Powder.
  • Mica mixes containing Ultramarines or Chromium Green Oxide are NOT LIP SAFE. Every one of our Mica Powders will have the ingredients listed, and if it's lip safe or not.
  • If using to color Bath Bombs, be sure to use POLYSORBATE 80 to prevent residue in the bathtub. 
  • MULTIPURPOSE: The perfect Mica Powder for Epoxy Resin, Pigment Powder for Slime, Color Powder for Polymer Clay, Shimmer Powder for Epoxy Tumblers. The possibilities are endless! All you need is inspiration and a jar of our Mica Powder!
  • Our Mica is 100% pure from the manufacturer. We do NOT dilute our mica with any fillers. 
  • We offer 3.5oz wide mouth jars, instead of tall jars like our competitors (to avoid accidental spills)
  • We also offer sample sets so you can try out the micas before committing to the larger size

Bookmark our website. We will be adding an entire line of beautiful Mica Powders. 

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