When Your Skin Freaks Out

skin breakout

skin broken out


None of us are perfect, at least nobody I know is perfect. We try to eat healthy and drink plenty of water. I TRY...I really do. But then all of a sudden I'm eating fries and drinking a dark soda like I've been on a desert island for months. And then there's chocolate. I have a love/hate relationship with chocolate. I love how it tastes, and it certainly helps my brain relax, but then my skin...my skin does not like it when I eat bad, drink soda, or eat chocolate. 


So what do we do when our skin rebels and freaks out? You know...those little breakouts. 

1. Drink even more water.

2. Wash with acne face wash

3. Moisturize with pure jojba oil (it most closely resembles the skins natural sebum)

4. Switch over to Valley Girl + for a bit, until your skins back to being clear. 

That's it...easy peasy. Now repeat to yourself "I will be good to my skin" 10 times. 


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