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Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

Getting the perfect winged eyeliner can be challenging to a makeup artist, much less those of us who are just trying to do our best on our own eyes, with our own untrained hands! 

However, this simple trick of using a teaspoon as your guide will make it look like you had a pro do your winged eyeliner. 

Make sure the spoon is clean (duh), and use a liquid or felt tip type liner. This doesn't work well with pencil type liners. 

Follow the instructions in the following picture

1. Lay the spoon from the corner of your nose to corner of your eye. 

2. Dot the corner and a small line about 1/4 inch away

3. Now use the handle of the spoon to connect the dots

4. Lay the round part of the spoon on top of your eye, leaving a gap between the spoon and the edge of your eyelashes. Draw a line along the edge of the spoon, being sure the end connects to the line you drew in step 3. 

5. Fill in the space

6. Clean up any stray color with a q-tip dipped in makeup remover

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