• Certified Liquid Organic foundation - So unique, that we can't believe we are selling it at this price! Chock full of ingredients that NOURISH and FEED your skin. You will love how it covers and leave you with smooth, soft, skin. 

• Valley Girl foundation - Our Top Seller. Formulated with pure minerals that soak up extra oil, and natural pigments. Great for normal to oily skin

* Valley Girl Plus - Our Valley Girl formula with the addition of salicylic acid to fight off acne. 

• Hollywood mineral foundation - Our original formula provides medium coverage. Made from pure minerals with silk powder to retain moisture,  and natural pigments. Great for normal to dry skin.

• NoHoGlo mineral foundation - For those that like a glowey/dewy finish, similar to Bare Minerals original formula (but without the itch associated with their product). The limited ingredients in our formula makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin. Great for all skin types.

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