About Us

Lorraine Pierce, Founder of LA MineralsL.A. Minerals is a fresh face in the cosmetic industry. Founded in February of 2007, by me, Lorraine Aldean (LA) Pierce, a licensed cosmetologist for 23 years and beauty consultant for various corporations. The desire for safe, pure, functional mineral cosmetics was my driving force.  I set out to find the best available ingredients from companies claiming those particular qualities. 

Over the years what I found was high priced cosmetics containing the same ingredients and makeup chemicals as the drug-store variety, and higher priced cosmetics (containing most of the same ingredients), sold at high end department stores or through representatives.  

Even with questionable ingredients, some high end cosmetics are outrageously over-priced. Why? Because of packaging, expensive literature, massive overhead, pricey infomercials, and product profit dribbled down multiple layers throughout some companies multi-level marketing plans! 

I made the decision  to produce top quality, natural mineral makeup, WITHOUT the bad ingredients, and at a reasonable price. The results were amazing. At LA Minerals you will find products that are truly safe and pure without breaking the bank. Quality product at a fair price. What a concept!

My goal during product development was to include makeup ingredients that met all my criteria: natural source, non-irritating, non comedogenic, soothing, long lasting,and beneficial to the skin. And if not beneficial, at least non-harming. For example Iron Oxide, which is a natural pigment, doesn't benefit your skin, but doesn't harm it either. Yet it produces the desired results, pigmentation of the product. Many hours, weeks and months were spent on research and experimentation. Women are loving the results. I am too!

Our company is built on the values of integrity, empathy, honesty, and hard work. We will never knowingly misrepresent any of our products. Ingredients for every product can be found in the products description. 

We hope you enjoy looking around our virtual shop. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We truly appreciate your input and business. Without you, the customer, we would not have a business.