Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the benefit of mineral foundation?
A: Mineral foundation has many benefits; its Naturally Sourced, Feels Light on the skin, Mineral Foundation Helps Provide Sun Protection, Mineral Makeup Foundation Provides Better Coverage, Mineral Makeup Looks Great on Camera, Mineral Makeup Foundation Won't Settle into Fine Lines, Mineral Makeup Is Suitable for All Skin Types, Mineral Makeup is great for Sensitive Skin

Q: Is mineral foundation better for mature skin?
A: Yes, as it doesn't settle into fine lines.

Q: Are mineral foundations better?
A: Formulas vary among manufacturers, but we consider ours better than most, as we don't include talc, bismuth oxychloride, phthalates, parabens or other nasty chemicals

Q: What is a mineral foundation?
A: There are foundations made "with minerals" (and includes a lot of chemicals),  and then there is "Mineral Foundation", like ours, that consists of 100% natural minerals

Q: Are your products Vegan? 
A: All of our current products are Vegan. 

Q: Are your products tested on animals? 
A: Absolutely NO and NEVER! Our product ingredients are pure and only tested on volunteer humans. You can also find us on PETA listed in the "Does Not Test on Animals" directory. 

Q: Do you ship to country _______? 
A: We ship internationally, to Canada, the UK, Australia, Norway, most of Central America, most of South America, U.S. Protectorates, and just about any country that it is legal and safe to ship to. When you get to checkout, you will see a drop down list of countries where you put in your address. If your country is in the drop down, then we ship there. 

Q: What are your shipping fees? 
A: Please check out our Shipping Rates page for details

Q: I need help picking the right shade. 
A: Please view our tips on getting started, we include a Bare Minerals Shade Chart. Feel free to contact us for any additional help. A photo of your face with no makeup on will help us determine the shades closest to your skin tone. You can send your picture to customerservice@laminerals.com. We respect your privacy and will not share your photo.

Q: Do you send free products to reviewers? 
A: We do send complimentary products to reviewers that meet our criteria. Please submit your inquiry and information via our Contact Us Form.

Q: Where's my order?
A: You will get a notification email with tracking information once your order ships. If you want to track an international order, choose Global Priority with Tracking. All USA orders include tracking automatically.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: We have a 30 day return policy. The 30 days begins when you receive the order. If for any reason you are not satisfied with any or all of the products in your order, you can initiate an RMA to return one or all of the items. We extend international return policy to 60 days due to shipping time. 

Q: How do I initiate an RMA (return authorization)?
A: Simply go to the LA Minerals Return Center and enter your order number and email you used. Follow the steps. You will get a return label upon completion.

Q: Whats the largest size of foundation?
A: Our 20g Bonus Size
Q: How much will the shipping be for Australia for two pots of biggest size foundation? 
A: You can see our current shipping rates here.
Q: What's the difference between foundation and the veil?
A: Foundation has different ingredients then the veil. Example: Valley Girl Plus has kaolin clay, allantoin, and salicyllic acid to combat acne. Foundation is more opaque and designed to cover blemishes and even out skin tone. Veil is a finishing powder.
Q: Does it really make that much difference if you wear the veil or not? 
A: It depends on your age or skin condition. If you already have young, smooth, skin with small pores, then you probably don't need veil. I'd suggest you order a sample of it and try it out :) 
Q: What is the best full coverage foundation makeup?
A: Opinions vary on this, but some foundations are more opaque than others. In our Mineral Makeup Foundation line, our Valley Girl foundation provides full coverage, and you can add multiple layers, or apply it with a damp brush for even more coverage!