Getting Started

Getting Started with L.A. Minerals is actually EASIER than liquid or cream makeup. 

Mineral makeup shades are very forgiving. Mineral foundation is easier to blend in and easier to match to your skin tone. So, lets get started.....

skin tone selector


 Now lets decide what your skin TYPE is... 

Normal Skin: you rarely break out. Your skin is neither oily or dry


Hollywood or NoHoGlo foundation 

Hollywood has a natural finish and buildable coverage. NoHoGlo has a dewey/glowey finish with light coverage.


Oily Skin: you're an oil slick by noon. You buy stock in oil absorbing papers and powders


Valley Girl Mineral Foundation Formula- soaks up oil, good coverage

Oil Control Mattifying Powder - finishing powder. Apply to most oily areas of face


Acneic Skin: you break out often. Some decent coverage would be nice


Valley Girl Plus Mineral Foundation - it soaks up oil and contains allantoin, a natural antiseptic and skin soother and Salicylic acid, fights acne.  Does NOT contain bismuth oxychloride (found in bare minerals and most other brands. Bismuth Oxychloride causes redness, itching, and cystic acne)

You may want to choose our Green Goddess Hide It Concealer for covering redness.


Dry Skin: your skin can be flaky and dull. 


Hollywood Foundation - includes silk powder and other minerals to hydrate your skin


We suggest you start out with some individual samples OR get our 6 Piece Sample Kit

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Are you a Bare Minerals user?

Here's some comparable shades in LA Minerals 

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