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Clear Nail Dip Powder

Clear Nail Dip Powder

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Clear Nail Dip Powder -  Use this as a layer over medium to large glitters and flakes. This is also great for using as a clear coat over your natural nails to strengthen them or to help them grow out. Also great for nail repair for cracked nails. You will need base coat, activator, and top coat for this clear nail dip powder.

Our colors are formulated to be used as dip powder, but most colors can also be used as acrylic with monomer.

You will need the following products for application:
Dip Nail Powder, Base Coat, Activator, Top Coat, Brush Cleaner, Soft/Dry Nail Brush or Kabuki Brush.

Instructions are included with every nail dip powder order.

TIPS: Large Glitters and flakes require a final layer of clear dip powder, or gel, to smooth and protect. Laying the nail flat into the powder and gently pressing down any pieces provides the best coverage.

Size is a 9ml Jar by volume. We don't weigh our dip powders, due to wide variances. We fill each jar to the max. This is enough product for numerous manicures.

No light is needed to cure our Diamond Dip Nail Powders.

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