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L.A. Minerals

3 Pack Synthetic Baby Kabuki Makeup Brush

3 Pack Synthetic Baby Kabuki Makeup Brush

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  • 3 Pack
  • 100% Premium Synthetic Bristles
  • Great for applying powdered cosmetics
  • Washes well, with no dye run or bristle fall out.

This brush is great for applying makeup on the run. Perfect size lets you tuck it in your makeup bag. Super soft, like feathers on your skin. Great for sensitive skin types. No allergy worries like with animal hair brushes.

NOTE: Synthetic brushes are more hygienic than real hair brushes. Natural hair has an irregular surface which traps powders, dead skin cells, bacteria and chemicals. Synthetics lack these surface irregularities, making it easier to clean properly. This decreases irritation. Because this brush is synthetic, animal cruelty is not an issue.

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